That awesome moment when …

Your artistic director tells you you danced a combination better than the company kids.

That happened on Wednesday. We were divided into twos and did four changements in one place, and then on the diagonal (sort of resembling bunny hops). Yeah, it’s simple. But the young company professional and I were singled out by Mr. O for doing the best in the class … clean, with height, with the music.

It’s a small triumph. But when there are no other “recreational dancers” in the room, just pre-pro company kids and a couple of contracted professionals, you take your victories where you get them.

It was actually one of the best classes I’ve had since the start of the season. To be honest, part of my problem has been a lack of energy because of long work hours and going to college part-time. The timing of the classes, coupled with a brutal work schedule have completely drained me.

So I’ve tried to make sure I either get enough sleep, or eat something that will give me energy before ballet class, and I think I’m beginning to succeed.

I had more energy on Wednesday than I’ve had in a long time. Same for today, and on Wednesday, my turns were better than they’d been in a while. I feel I’ve got a shot at a breakthrough with my double pirouettes, although I wasn’t quite feeling it today. Mr. O did praise my turns on Wednesday, which was a plus.

But everything else was better today. My jetes in petite allegro were cleaned (feet pointed), and I was on time with the music. I believe my legs were straighter with my tour jetes during grande allegro.

And for an old man, I think I did well coming out of grande plies in fifth during adagio in the center. Trust me, at my age, it’s not easy to do.

I think it helped, though, that our teachers have sort of taken things off the gas pedal with the company’s fall show two weeks from today. Feels weird not being a part of it, especially after being in the spring performance. But with my work schedule, it wouldn’t have been doable. I will be jealous, I’m sure.

Look forward to seeing them perform if the work schedule allows. A part of me will be glad when the fall show is done. Why? That’s when the focus shifts to Nutcracker, and my turn to perform.

By my count, my first rehearsal will be three weeks from today, and then with my parts, it’s pretty much rehearsals every weekend until tech week. It’s my favorite time of year.

3 responses to “That awesome moment when …

  • The Dancing Rider

    Kudos! I’ve done nothing ballet-related since spraining my ankle (non sport sprain), and competing in my first dressage riding event. Have class 10-18. Really loved reading about this. You are doing so well, and at the right time!

  • RO

    Wow sounds like you had one fine class on Wednesday!! How strange that we rarely receive compliments in ballet but crave for them sooo bad.. You did good! Hope your healthy strike keeps working for you!

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