What a difference a week makes

This time last week, I was beating myself up from a rough Saturday morning class dubbed “Simple Saturday.”

This past week, I think I’ve gone back to why I fell in love with ballet in the first place.

A ballet class is my place to de-stress, especially with college projects due this week, problems with a computer system going haywire and a son who may miss a paycheck if the idiots in Congress can’t keep the government from shutting down.

This Saturday’s class was the grand escape from all of that. Mrs. O taught a more laid-back class than Mr. O did last week. The combinations weren’t simple, but they weren’t as mind blowing either.

The petite allegro combination of glissade, assemble’ over, glissade assemble’ under, glissade assemble’ over, sissone, changement, changement (repeat in other direction) was doable to the point I had complete control with how my feet were shaped.

The grande allegro that included fouette and tour jete’ jumps were exhilarating enough that I kept wanting to do them over and over.

My turns were still a mess, but getting ever so close to being more consistent. But I’ve noticed a pattern. Sometimes I seem to lose energy with my pirouettes as the class wears on, yet I always have energy to do grande allegro. I wonder if anyone else has that problem.

Most of my classes this past week were good. And Saturday’s 90 minutes went by too quickly.

I decided yesterday not to compare myself to the company lovelies and just relax and have fun.

And that’s what I did.

Now it’s time to get to work on a massive college project and a mid-term exam.

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