Once again doing my signature Nutcracker role!

The Act II cast list was posted today.

I don’t know why I get nervous like this, but our artistic director, Mr. O. once said not to take any part for granted. And I don’t.

I was pretty sure I was going to be cast as the lion in the Chinese dance. I’ve done it the last four years. I have it down. And I could do the math. There aren’t enough older male dancers at the school or in the company for someone else to do the role.

But still, it always feels good to see your name listed.

I’ll be a party dad in Act I, but that’s a volunteer role, and the way our party scene is, not really a dancing role. It’s fun, but Chinese Lion is my dancing role.

The Chinese dance is short, roughly a minute. But when I’m out there, I know thousands of eyes are on me. And during our two packed out morning school shows, it’s one of the most popular roles.

Now, if we can just fast forward to production week. Nothing like it in the world. We’ll be doing seven shows in four days (Dec. 12-15), performing for an average of 10,000 people. It’s my favorite week of the year, the one week where this old recreational dancer lives the role of a professional dancer.

And I’m pretty sure I won’t be limited to party dad and Chinese lion. I’ve done the bed boy “role” (under the bed pushing it during the battle scene) the last three years. Mr. O hasn’t asked yet, but it’s kind of hard for me to see anyone else having to learn what is a grueling job. But I don’t mind. I pretty much have that “role” down, too.

As for class today? Mr. O said I shouldn’t beat myself up after Saturday’s less than glowing performance. And he’s right. I ended up bouncing back in his class this morning, which was a fun, yet physically demanding class. My turns were again better.

We did a fun grande allegro: Saute right, saute left, saute right, pas de chat, saute chat in a circle. We reversed it. It was the funnest part of the class, but I was a bit gassed after a cardio portion of jumps.

I ended up demonstrated during jumps: four changements, a jump to second and a pas de bouree right and left two times. It was simple. But I kept with the music.

Monday is my two-class day.

I had Dawn C’s class tonight. Hardest, longest adagio I believe I’ve ever done. The class overall was tough. But that’s because she has us do steps and combinations that Mr. O, Mrs. O and Susan K. normally don’t have us do.

I stumbled around in her class quite a bit, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I know I’ll get better once I get used to how she teaches class.

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