Plie, releve’, spot

One thing I love about Mrs. O’s class is that so many tips you want to try in areas you struggle in.

If you’ve read my blog long enough, you know I struggle with pirouettes.

Those three words were her recipe yesterday.

Pretty simple, huh?

Yes and know. When I thought and applied those three words (and had the time to do so), my pirouettes were much cleaner.

But for me, it’s also more complicated. I try so hard at times to show Mr. and Mrs. O I can do a clean double that I use too much force. I still struggle spotting. I look down, I try to steer with my upper body (goes along with too much force).

I am beginning to attack them with a little more confidence. Maybe I’m closer to a break-through.

That might also be the case with a step that has become the scourge of my existence: Coupe’ jete.

This turning step is something male dancers must master. It’s one that I’ve struggled to process despite help from Mrs. O and a former male dancer with the company.

Yesterday, Mrs. O had the male dancers do it in a circle. I did something I rarely do: I sat out for fear of looking foolish. There was a photographer there taking pictures for the company page in our performance programs.

I used the time to watch their steps in a circle.

Mrs. O put the step in our final combination: Saute, balance’ turn, ton be coupe’ jete.

I decided to break down the final part: ton be couple’ jete’, and probably did them better than I’ve ever done them.

They weren’t spectacular.

But for me, it was an improvement.



8 responses to “Plie, releve’, spot

  • Kim

    Pirouettes are really hard for me too. I liked this Youtube video about them, and there are several more good ones… good luck!

  • The Dancing Rider

    I’m just learning pirouettes, and they are really hard. I never had to spot in spins when figure skating, and spins weren’t too hard for me at all. But in dance! Spot! Not happening most of the time. I liked the three word cue.

    Here is a bit different take on spotting than I’d been hearing lately:

    And one on turning “in one piece” (right…lol)

  • The Dancing Rider

    Erm, appears my links are going directly to a playlist. I don’t know why. I linked directly to the individual vids. Look for Ikolo Griffin. There are two of his vids in the playlist, item 8 and item 9
    . Sorry about this. :/

  • RO

    Grrrr I hate pirouettes… I have had difficulty with them ever since I started doing ballet again. I can’t spot, I have crappy balance and I usually use too much force and therefore fall out of my turn. Very annoying.. When you find the ‘golden’ ticket towards turning; could you let me know?

  • Bush Ballerina -- BB

    I’m glad you felt yourself progress. Pirouettes are tricky things to master.

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