Male dancer etiquette lesson No. 2: Killing critters

Rule: If there is an insect that frightens your female classmates, it’s your job to kill it, even if you are wearing your new canvas shoes for the first time.

Yup, there it was, a small bug. It made the 16-year-old company girl next to me scream. being in the middle of the back of the room, there was no other option to squash the little critter with. And while there were two other guys in class, and a male teacher, they were scattered across the room.

I was the only one close. Weapon of choice: A new canvas Capezio shoe.

The bug did not survive. And I earned praise from Mr. O. and thanks from my young classmate, the best dancer in the room.

This isn’t the only time I’ve played ballet pest control. I’ve killed spiders before in Mrs. O and Susan K.’s classes before when I was the only guy (who happens to be a little arachnaphobic after being bit by a poisonous brown recluse).

Maybe I can use the bug guts as an excuse for why my pirouettes weren’t up to par.

Probably not, though.

They haven’t been up to par for the last few classes.

And this was one of my best classes otherwise.

I earned praise during a difficult grande allegro combination (they were multiple, which makes me happy!) And while sloppy, my petite allegro was much better during this morning’s class.

And as is going to be the case on most Mondays, it was not the only class of the day.

I had Dawn C’s class tonight. I’ll be honest, her class maybe the biggest company class challenge I’ve had.

It’s not a cardio, kick you in the pants kind of class like Mr. O’s. It is far more formal than any other class I’ve had.

And we work on things we don’t do a lot in Mr. or Mrs. O, or Susan K.’s classes.

But I’m okay with that. We worked more on saute basque turns in class tonight. That’s a step that guys do, but one I don’t do enough to really become halfway good at.

It’s not the only step I haven’t normally done that we do in her class.

But I have no complaints. I think getting used to a new teacher and doing steps more and more than I’m not as familiar with will make me a better dancer.


2 responses to “Male dancer etiquette lesson No. 2: Killing critters

  • RO

    I think you are right about the new teacher (and thus experience) making you a better dancer!
    And yes, killing critters is reserved for male dancers, haha! Too bad we don’t have any in our class…..

  • The Dancing Rider

    Love the “ballet pest control”! šŸ˜‰

    New teacher sounds really good. I so wish I could come to your classes! Congrats on the grande allegro praise!

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