Bounce-back Wednesday

No audience today other than a parent who watched the last few minutes of class from the door.

Too bad, it was a much better day.

On the plus side? Mrs. O taught again this morning.

If I have a bad class when one teacher is teaching, it’s always good to have a better showing when you’re in their class again.

Of course, I felt a little better about yesterday’s performance when she confessed that yesterday’s class was “fun (translated as sarcasm and complicated), and she was trying not to make today’s combinations too simple.

Simple for her class, though, does not always translate as simple for others.

Overall, my pirouettes were better. And I managed to catch on to a little complicated petite allegro combination. And got to soar through the air again in grande allegro.

And for some reason, I just had more energy today. My legs felt fresher than they did yesterday (which may have contributed to Tuesday’s comedy routine).

And I’m beginning to notice that I’m getting more height with my grande jetes. My legs are also straighter.

Now if I can get the arms straightened out.

Today was the last day of maintenance classes.

The school year begins on Monday. I’ll be back to four classes a week (two on Monday, along with Wednesday and Saturday morning classes). That’s not counting rehearsals that may or may not come my way.


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