Finally getting back into a routine

Credit Mrs. O for giving you a class that you really need.

She usually gives you one of three types of classes: 1. A theory class. You don’t dance nearly as much, but she gives you tons of valuable information to apply to your technique; 2. Just dance class, not too pushy, but one that makes you aware of body alignment; or 3. I’m going to dance your butts off.

Today was a No. 2 type day, and for two reasons: Out of about 20 in the room, 15 were company girls who were just coming back from dancing five weeks at summer intensives around the country, and the rest of us had not been dancing consistently.

She danced us today, but she didn’t push us. She wanted us to be aware our balance, our center of gravity. It was more of a re-entry into life back to normal at the ballet school kind of class.

And I appreciate it. This was the first “three class” week I’ve had all summer. And it was also the first consistent level, consistent speed week all year.

When the week began with Mr. O, the class started off like dancing on sand paper. Because I’m flat footed, I seem to dance more on my heels and not with the balls of my feet when I haven’t danced consistently in a while.

Today was the first day all week when I felt for sure my legs were under me. Sure, my technique could have been cleaner. But take away my crappy pirouettes, and I had a good class for me. Mentally and physically, I feel I’m finally getting back into ballet shape. I never really felt that all summer. It helps to finally get in a routine.

One more week of open classes, then one week of maintenance classes until we reach the start of the season, and I can’t wait. I’ve got two three-class weeks before I start a four-class a week schedule (which is a surprise since I didn’t think my college schedule was going to allow it).

I’ve said before, the new season is going to be different. Some of the old faces are going to be gone, and I’m sure some new ones are going to be around. That’s OK. I’m embracing the season of change.

I want to be challenged.



4 responses to “Finally getting back into a routine

  • The Dancing Rider

    I am also flat footed. Along with another significant body structural issue, any balances, or sports requiring the body to be “even sided”, are very difficult for me — beyond just being uncoordinated and awkward.

    Love your positive outlook, and your desire for challenge

    • loveballet89

      Being flat footed adds to the challenges I face (included not being a naturally gifted athlete. And you’re not the only person uncoordinated. Ballet does not come easy for me, but I love it anyway.

      • The Dancing Rider

        I am very glad I am not alone! It is hard not to love ballet, despite one’s challenges. 🙂

      • The Dancing Rider

        By the way, I don’t know if you go in for WordPress blogger-to-blooger awards, but I’ve given you one if you want to pick it up. If not, no worries! But just so you know!

        Thank you for visiting, and commenting, on my blog.

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