Back to the barre

It’s been weeks since I looked forward to going to class like I did this morning.

I’ll be honest, the summer session didn’t go quite as I’d hoped. I went to only one class each of the last two weeks. The changing of teachers, the inconsistency of teaching contributed to it being a summer of blah!

Today, on the other hand, marked the unofficial beginning of the new season. It marked the beginning of getting back into a routine.

Even though the school has two weeks of intensives to close out the summer, there are open classes three days this week … and the teachers are the regular ones. And the company ones are flocking, with some taking the open class instead of the intensive.

There were about 12 of us this morning, most company kids. We were crammed into exile in studio 1, but our teacher this morning was Mr. O (my first class with him since May).

Things I appreciate about his class? No. 1, you get to move. No. 2, you don’t have to think too hard because he does things in a pattern. No. 3, he challenges the heck out of me.

It was a challenge. Because I slacked off the last couple of weeks, I had a hard time at first staying on my leg in center. And my turns to start class were a mess.

But I was able to find my balance, and my turns got better as the class wore on, especially on the left side. It helped when I did pirouettes to concentrate on NOT steering with my arms. That, along with my troubles with spotting, have kept me from reaching that point of consistency that I seek.

As far as being challenged? I was one of the ones asked to demonstrate.

How fun is it to be the one by yourself demonstrating a glissade-jete combination for a simple petite allegro? That was me today doing it not only with the artistic director watching, but also the company young-ins. But I think I did OK. And I moved on time with the music. That’s a change.

And then, when it came to moving across the floor in a diagonal in twos, yes he had me going in the first pair. I’m usually one of the ones in the back, partially out of etiquette sake because guys usually go last, and partially because I like to see the combination a few times first. But I did OK.

I also spent good amount of time in the front row, which normally doesn’t happen as often.

I was sluggish, but knew most of the steps. I think it was a good step in the start of another season.

I can’t wait for the next class on Wednesday. 

2 responses to “Back to the barre

  • The Dancing Rider

    Great class. I like that you were 1st pair. =)

    We did four jete to coupe alternating, with arms, glissade, changement…other side. When you said Mr,. O had you move it reminded me of my mot recent lesson. We also did chaine chaine pique pique across the floor. However rather than being 1st pair material, I believe I am comic relief for my instructor! 🙂

  • The Dancing Rider

    (typos courtesy of tablet…)

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