A dance dream lives

Found out today that our top company girl has been accepted into Pacific Northwest Ballet’s professional division and will work with one of the top companies in the country.

She joined our school about four years ago from a “competition” studio because she wanted more formal ballet training to complement her competition skills. She ended up ditching the competition studio to focus on a professional ballet career.

She was about 14, I think, and one of the most flexible people I’ve ever known. She’s developed into one of the best dancers I’ve ever known and has danced at some of the top summer intensives in the country.

She’s following in the footsteps of our artistic director and school director, who once danced soloist and principal roles with PNB. I convinced I’ll see her one day perform for a major company, be it PNB, ABT, Ballet West, NYCB or another amazing company.

She has been one of the company kids who homeschooled, so during the regular year, she was in every one of the classes I was in during the past few years. I also got to work with her during partnering classes. She’s a super kid, not a diva. Her folks were valuable volunteers for the company.

It’s a bit bittersweet. Our company is already in transition since our top male dancer who had a professional contract with our company left in midseason last year. Nutcracker will be strange without them both.

But for her I am extremely happy. She’s worked extremely hard for this.


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