That intensive week … yeah … that’s not happening.

Had the money put away. But then life happens. My son’s car needs major auto repairs.

Yeah, the joys of being a single parent.

I’ll have to be content with the open classes that week, and try not think what if?

The good thing is that the regular session is right around the corner, which means settling into a routine, being challenged by company wonders and preparing for the beast that is the Nutcracker.

6 responses to “That intensive week … yeah … that’s not happening.

  • Back to First Position

    So sorry about the intensive…that really stinks…but you’re an awesome dad to make sure son is back on the road again…and so will you – good positive outlook there. πŸ™‚

  • The Dancing Rider

    And you are a good single parent. Your son will appreciate what you’ve done. Don’t “know” you well enough, but hope you take this the way I intend: Hugs. You have a great attitude.

    As you said, regular season, here you come! πŸ™‚ (Along with Nutcracker prep)

  • loveablestef

    How much does an intensive cost?

    • loveballet89

      It’s reasonable compared to many for a week. But there’s college supplies to buy, so things were already going to be a little tight around our household, so major auto repairs take priority.

      • loveablestef

        Well I ask because if $200 or so, or if $200 could make the difference to make it able for you to go, I would like to give that to you….but again, I don’t know how much it costs. How much is it and would $ 200 be enough for you to go? Time for you to do something for you. Yes, practical expenses as you mentioned may be more urgent, but I do not believe they are more important. This seems like something that would feed your soul. I would like to support that.

  • loveballet89

    That’s very nice to offer! It’s actually a little more than that. But I can’t take you up on it. There are those who need it more than I do!

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