Beginning-intermediate confidence boost

I’ll go ahead and say it, I will be glad when the company kids return from summer intensives far and wide.

They challenge me. And I miss the pace of the class when they’re all there.

But I’ve come to appreciate the open beginner-intermediate class I’ve attended the last two Tuesday nights as makeups for missing the classes I’m signed up for this summer session.

My habit of watching other people and my musicality (or the lack thereof) have been two of the things I’ve needed to work on most, along with spotting and my tendency to be a little sloppy when dancing with the young ones.

Tonight even moreso than last week, there has been no one else to look at for a reference. Despite the fact there were two teenage girls who dressed the part, the two most experience dancers in the room were me and a preteen girl who is in Ballet IV.

I was, as scary as this sounds, the leader of the class tonight. Even the preteen girl watched me at times to remember the combination and keep in time with the music … that includes a combination that included balances’, a pas de bouree and a pirouette (the preteen girl and I were the only ones who’d ever done a full pirouette before). 

The combination was relatively a simple one, yet my balances’ have always sucked (to be frank). Yet I was the one who kept on dancing when just about everyone else temporarily stopped in the middle of the combination, and restarted by the timing of my balances’. In years past, to be honest, despite knowing the combination, I would have stopped, too, without another dancer present to keep me in time with the music and to use as a reference point.

It may not sound like much to more experienced dancers out there (especially if you’re a professional dancer or young pre-pro company dancer who might be reading my blog out of sheer boredom). But the fact that I was the leader, the fact that I kept dancing when others had stopped and the fact I was actually in time with the music is as much a major breakthrough as doing triple pirouettes would be.

I’m hoping I can carry some of that confidence and musicality into the intensive week if I’m able to take it and the company classes when they get cranked up at the start of the season.

And by the way, I’ve found this class extremely helpful when it comes to cleaning up technique!


2 responses to “Beginning-intermediate confidence boost

  • RO

    Sounds like you were indeed the leader of the pack! That must be an awesome feelings from time to time! And nice that you get to work on your technique and timing.

  • The Dancing Rider

    Has to feel good to be a leader out there. And that is an accomplishment, having kept going AND being in time with the music. I experienced this exact thing in skating. Benefits of a lower level class sound good, too though. Good for you!

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