Ballet stereotyping … part deux!

A boy who danced with our company who graduated this spring landed a dance and theater scholarship at a university in Florida.

His Facebook post today: The mother of his future roommate called housing because she just found out her son was going to be rooming with …. drum roll … a dancer!

Seriously? Where do these people come from?

5 responses to “Ballet stereotyping … part deux!

  • Back to First Position

    Wow….I’m speechless at that…sounds like he is a leper or something and should be avoided at all costs lest the disease ravages him. Very sad.

  • The Dancing Rider

    Yikes. That is prejudice, stereotyping, and some sort of bizarre phobia, all rolled into one. Scary on several levels. 😦

  • alwaysdance8

    just ridiculous! that’s stereotyping to a whole new level.

  • Mummarina

    😦 That’s sad. Shallow minded people frustrate me.

  • loveballet89

    I just find it disturbing. You find out your son is rooming with a boy who dances and you automatically assume he’s gay. This kid is a good kid, even if he were gay, he’s not the type to prance around in his room in tights, tutu and pointe shoes … or whatever twisted thing popped into the head this homophobe of a mother.

    He’s a thoughtful kid who loves video games, which means he’d get along with 99 percent of male college students (well, OK, that’s stereotyping, But the point is, he is basically your average kid who just happens to love dance.

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