Amazing … if not a bit creepy

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook. The dancer’s really spider-like, to the point that’s somewhat scary for a person who’s been bitten by a brown recluse

7 responses to “Amazing … if not a bit creepy

  • The Dancing Rider

    That is impressive. It is freakishly spider-like! I loved watching it.

    (And you’ve been bitten by a brown recluse?! EEEK!)

    • loveballet89

      Yup, when I was around 13. Started out as a small hole above my knee. Had to get it lanced by the longest needed I’ve ever seen at the hospital. My leg swelled twice its size. Wore a bandage all summer. The wound leaked all summer until it finally healed.

      • The Dancing Rider

        Wow. That is *really* scary LB. And so young. You must have a very strong immune system.

  • RO

    Brown recluse? Never heard of it.. this is awesome in a way but it’s a bit scary/freaky too, haha!

    • loveballet89

      A brown recluse is one of the two most poisonous spiders in the states, along with black widows. And after being bit, I have a little bit of a case arachnophobia and one reason I found it a little creepy, yet amazing.

      And even know I have arachnophobia, I’ve had to kill them a couple of times in ballet class with screaming girls and woman. I’ve tried not to let my fear show.

      • RO

        Haha that’s very mach of you 😉 I’ve never been bitten by a spider before but that thing sounds like one bad-ass spider..! I haaaaate spiders, my boyfriend always gets rid of them for me 😀

      • RO

        That should be ‘macho’ of course 😉 Grrrr typos…

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