I dance better “full out”

Today was a prime example. Because we were a mixture of ages (from preteen to 60+), experience and abilities,  we half-time combinations and then those of us with a little more experience danced full out.

Maybe it’s because I tend to overanalyze and make sure I’m doing things fundamentally correct when we half-time things. Maybe it’s because I was taught to do steps bigger when I was a beginner that the light bulb came on when one of my teachers taught me about “range of motion” when the music calls for quicker motion. Glissades, jetes, ect. don’t have to be nearly as big, you adjust to the music.

Whatever the reason, I tend to do less thinking and more dancing when the pace is uptempo, and I fare better. It’s the reason I can struggle in a beginner class on Monday, then turn around and fare better in company class on Saturday morning.

I have adult friends who fret whenever a teacher calls for an uptempo, and I can understand their feelings.

But for me, it’s becoming more and more: “Bring it on!”

3 responses to “I dance better “full out”

  • The Dancing Rider

    Interesting. I experienced similar feelings in ice skating. Less time to think means more action. Most of the time anyway.

  • RO

    I love the faster pace in class! I do the exact same thing, when going ‘slow’ I think much more about what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. When having a faster tempo you don’t think, you just DO.

    • loveballet89

      One of the amazing things was my jetes and my brises were on time with the music going full out without me even having to look at anybody else, especially my brises, which usually are pretty horrible.

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