Dear God, that was a fun grande allegro …

Yeah, I mentioned that petite allegros are becoming my guilty pleasure. But grande allegros are what I live for in class, especially when I nail a complicated one, which I did today.

Pas de bourree’, glissade pas de chat (repeat three times), glissade assemble’, precipite (have no clue if that is how it’s spelled), pique chasse tour jete (three times) soutenu, chaines and finish with pique arabesque. That was the combination that was crazy fun today.

And a weird thing happened when I was doing it … I ran out of room! I’ve been trying to travel a lot more. Finally accomplished that today.

I’ve got to say, I think going to the beginner-intermediate class last night helped me with my class overall this morning. I believe I was a lot cleaner during my combinations today.

Class totally rocked all the way around today. I was remembering combinations without having to watch my neighbor.

Maybe this will be a break-through summer after all.


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