Male ballet dancer etiquette 101

There was a new teenage-near beginner guy in class yesterday. I’ve seen him around the studio during our first two intensive weeks, so I take it he might become a regular when the season begins. There are some things about etiquette for the guys.

So if you are a guy and you follow my blog, here are a couple to be aware of, especially if you are just now starting classes.

1. Offer to help remove portable barres before center work. Despite the fact we do have them on the walls, a lot of our girls use them. Politely offer to help put them away (and if they are used during performance week at the theater, help bring them out and put away).

2. Go in the last group coming from the corner: As a gentleman, it’s ladies first. But there is also a second, practical reason. As a male dancer, you hope to some day fly through the air with your leaps, defy gravity and use a lot of space. It helps if no one is behind you, and you wait a few extra counts. Of course, this rule does not apply if your teacher has divided the class into groups based on experience.

I’ve already posted about these fashion faux pas before, but I’ll include them:

3. Wear a dance belt if you wear tights.

4. Think very opaque when it comes to tights.

If anyone has any more to add to the list, feel free to comment.

One response to “Male ballet dancer etiquette 101

  • RO

    Haha I know this isn’t supposed to be funny but it still made me laugh! I can almost see you getting annoyed by someone who just doesn’t get the ‘male-ballet-dancer-protocol’ 😉

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