Young teachers can show no mercy

Usually, I don’t ask for mercy as an “old” recreational dancer (I am after all taking the last week of our summer intensive with the company crew in August).

Our teacher du jour today, a company member in her younger 20s, taught a pretty physically demanding class today as a substitute. I can’t remember being on releve’ so much at the barre during combinations in quite a while. And most of our barre routines, we had to keep going until the music completely stopped, which is not always the case with my regular group of teachers.

There were a few routines that could really be called brain teasers. Head and arms go one way, legs another.

And my personal favorite (hint of sarcasm): Yes my body can do grande plies after every developpe during adagio in the center, but it doesn’t necessarily want to do so. But it was able to accomplish the feat when prodded by the brain to do so.

And she had us to just about every kind of inside turn known to man today, including attitude and arabesque turns (yippe!). Seriously, there are times when my inside turns are cleaner than my outside turns, and that was the case today.

My experience with younger teachers is they like to amp things up when the class is made up of a majority of company dancers (which was the case today). Despite the deceptive title of “open class,” I was the only one of a recreational variety.

I really don’t mind the amped up classes, especially if there is an amped up grande allegro to go along with it (and there was!).

But after two weeks of technique building classes, the “boy I’m going to be sore after this” kind of class is somewhat of a shock.

I’d better get used to it, though. I imagine my body will be screaming for the Advil quite often during the intensive week.

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