“I Feel Pretty”

When you’re a male dancer, sometimes it really helps to have a sense of humor.

Like when the tune of “I Feel Pretty” is the one you’re dancing to during petite allegro, which was the case for me today. I tried not to laugh, or sing along during the ton be pas de bouree, ton be pas de bouree, sissone (three times), pique, assemble’ combination.

Seriously, it was actually a tune that was easy for me to pick up the counts on, so go figure. I knew the song was coming. The CD used by our teacher du jour, Deb W., contained Broadway tunes other teachers have used before, so I and other male dancers at the school have danced to “I Feel Pretty” before.

It’s a fact of life, if you’re a guy, you’re either going to dance to songs, or do combinations or variations that guys don’t normally do (depending on the makeup of the class). Yes, I’ve done bourees (on flat) in a class where I was the only guy and the teacher didn’t want  me to stand around. I’ve also taken pointe classes on flat as a makeup. One of my prouder moments in class a few years ago? Schooling my female adult classmates during a female variation from Paquita (sans tambourine).

Of course today, other than “I Feel Pretty” it was just you’re basic class. I love the way Deb. W. teaches. We did pirouettes galore today, and she tried to get me to work on spotting a little more. She also did a lot of demonstrating, showing us what a difference a tilt with the head, raising a chin or arm will do for line. Deb. W. is very good at teaching about body alignment.

After sleeping in on Wednesday, it was a class worth getting up for.

I received praise for my chaine turns, that’s always a plus.

3 responses to ““I Feel Pretty”

  • RO

    Haha I literally laughed out loud reading this! I could almost see you doing the petit allegro to ‘I feel pretty’ 😉

  • The Dancing Rider

    Loved it. 😉 Always nice getting a praise for something well done, too.

  • The Dancing Rider

    Added this to my Youtube playlist a few days ago. You might enjoy it, I don’t know. This guy’s channel is worth subscribing to if you are on Youtube”

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