Who Cares?

One of my favorite ballets because it’s pure dancing. It also has a couple of pas de deuxs that rock.


7 responses to “Who Cares?

  • RO

    Haha awesome this is from the Dutch TV channel NTR 🙂 I watch these shows as often as I can, especially when it features ballet! Balanchine has a very particular way within Classical Ballet, a lot different from the style I’m being taught: Vaganova. Love this performance though!

    • loveballet89

      I was amazed by the quality on Youtube. Our company did Who Cares? the year our artistic director came and it made me fall in love with ballet as much as a watcher, as well as a dancer.
      Our artistic director trained at SAB and danced under Balanchine, so our school is strongly influenced by his style.
      But there are other styles taught like Cecchetti and Vaganova at our school.

  • The Dancing Rider

    I’m watching it in increments. It’s so Balanchine in its choreo, isn’t it?! Couple with the Gershwin, it’s definitely a dance for dancers, if you know what I mean. As opposed to some sort of story telling. Loved, loved, loved the first few minutes. Looking forward to the rest.

    • loveballet89

      I love Balanchine’s choreo. To me, it’s a lot more fluid than a lot of other classical ballet choreography (which I still love, but it seems more stiff compared to his.

  • The Dancing Rider

    Yes, me, too. My dear husband (DH for short), as with many other people, doesn’t “get” non-story choreo. It is often dancing for dancing’s sake, which I love.

    • loveballet89

      I love story ballets, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been in five of them, and they were all fun. But my personal preference is to watch pure dance.

      • The Dancing Rider

        Yes, I understand. Me, too. Though I doubt I’ll be in any dance, lol. Maybe our studio recital, my friend an I, in a little old persons dance.

        I love the story ballets as a separate thing, because they are so tied to history. Just the choreo conjures images of that time!

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