Bolshoi Pas de deux exam

Partnering class is still the most challenging thing in ballet that I’ve done.


5 responses to “Bolshoi Pas de deux exam

  • thecasualrider

    Eek. At least, in my pathetic, aged attempt at reconnecting with ballet, partnering is something I will not have to worry about. It was hard enough in ice dancing!

  • RO

    Ahhh yes have watched this particular video many times! It’s awesome to see. Hope some day we will have some nice strong men in our class to partner with, haha! (never going to happen probably.. ever considered visiting The Netherlands?! 😉 )

    • loveballet89

      I wish we had a regular class. But our artistic director has only offered it eight week sessions during two of the years at the school. Usually by the time I start getting comfortable is when the sessions ended. But I’m hoping there will be more classes offered in the future.

      My cousin and I keep talking about making a pilgrimage to France where our great-uncle fought in World War II and where he’s buried, and visit Belgium and Italy. It would be great if the trip included a visit to the Netherlands for a partnering class!

      • RO

        Ahw too bad it only got comfortable when the classes ended! Andeh, my point exactly! Visit our little beautiful country 😉

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