An unexpected class

This is normally dead week for the ballet school between the regular school year and the summer session.

Even though it was supposedly only a week without ballet, I was already having withdrawals, especially since this had been a more stressful week than usual.

The the email came yesterday. Mr. O was offering a free class for intermediate/advanced dancers of the community. He has done this before during holiday breaks. It was a noon class today, which made it even better since I could still sleep in a little bit.

It was an eclectic class. You had preteen wonders mixed in with adults (most much younger than me). There were about 30 of us, including two young college guys who were there auditioning for a couple of professional slots our company has.

It was a “no-pressure,” have fun kind of class that included teaching moments from Mr. and Mrs. O.

One of the funnier moments? During our moving adagio combination (walks, arabesque turn, pas de bouree pirouettes included), Mr. O picked two company girls out and challenged the two young guys to improvise a pas de deux to the theme of the combination.  They did a pretty good job. But then Mr. O picked another company girl and improvised a pas de deux with her, completely schooling the two young guys and showing why he was once a star with Pennsylvania Ballet and Pacific Northwest … he has skills and is totally amazing when he shows them. Makes me wonder how far he would have gotten had he not gotten cancer in his legs. (Mrs/ O also has amazing skills from her days with both companies).

Once again, the class confirmed my improvement at petite allegro. Even my jetes were much better today. I got praise from Mr. O during petite allegro, which really means a lot.

To a degree, today’s surprise class was the end of normalcy for a few weeks. Mr. O will be spending a good bit of the summer as a guest teacher at a couple of the top schools in the country. It might be mid-August before I’ll be taking class from him again (I hope not, I hope he will teach a few of the open classes in the summer).

Monday’s open class promises to be a surprise in a different way. Not sure who is teaching, or who’ll be taking class (that is how summer is). It’ll be fun. And if it’s not one of my normal teachers, it’ll be good to get a different perspective.

***An update on my Nutcracker stress post: My boss assures me I’ll be off during Nutcracker week despite the fact others will be out to. It is good to work for understanding people. I’m blessed.


7 responses to “An unexpected class

  • RO

    Haha withdrawal! I hear you 😉 Good thing, this class..! My ballet season will truly be over in two weeks 😦 .. will have to wait till September to get class again!

  • thecasualrider

    Class sounded wonderful. I’m impressed at how talented you are!

  • thecasualrider

    How can an adult recreational dancer compete with company kids anyway. I can’t even compete with adults in their 30’s. It’s a natural thing. But I bet you are indeed talented. Would love some pics or vid! (Though I probably won’t reciprocate…lol)

  • loveballet89

    One of these days I may post pics or a video of me dancing, now that would be scary. I can do maybe 99 percent of the steps the company kids do, but not nearly as fundamentally clean or as graceful. But I can keep up for the most part. I will say this, I absolutely love it when a younger guy comes into class, and is absolutely beat before the class is anywhere near over … and I’m still going. I know that sounds bad!

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