Nutcracker stress at the end May?

I finally got a firm date for when our Nutcracker performances are (I should have known, but the confusion on whether the performances were on the second weekend or the second FULL weekend of December threw me). Make the request at the end of May and there shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Unless, of course, you have a co-worker ask for the same week off, and beat you to it.

I was afraid of the possibility. Before we consolidated copy desks with another newspaper, no one I worked with wanted that early of a week off in December. But last year, this new co-worker went on a family vacation the week after Nutcracker.

Since the second FULL weekend pushes Nutcracker back almost a week, creating the conflict.

We have had two people off on either vacations or furloughs the same week in the past, but they usually begrudgingly allow it. It puts a lot of strain on the people who end up working during that week (usually I’m one of the ones who has to). I’m hoping they’ll allow it this time.

The know how much Nutcracker week means to me.

It’s an issue now because I’ll have to make a commitment to be in it in just a few short weeks.

Being off to perform in Nutcracker makes working a crappy work schedule the whole year somewhat worth it.

I’m in my zen during tech week and performance weekend. Performing the three roles I’ve had in the Nutcracker the last few years helps me get rid of all the stress of working in a volatile industry, not to mention of being a single parent.

It’s my week to escape to a much funner place.

I have to have that week to maintain my sanity.

3 responses to “Nutcracker stress at the end May?

  • thecasualrider

    Oh yes. The work vacation conflict, which I clearly remember from my working days, when attempting to get the house of cards built for either skiing trips, or the day or two I wanted prior to a skating performance. I can completely understand your stress.

    Hope this works out for you. Since they know the week is important for you, they’d better come through!

    I love that your Nutcracker experience erases some of the work crap. We need these things to remain engaged and, as you point out, sane. Your passion for dance shows!

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