The lovely Alina Cojocaru

Giselle variation. She’s beautiful. Amazing steps.

4 responses to “The lovely Alina Cojocaru

  • Back to First Position

    The way she uses her arms is almost dream like.

  • Alice in Danceland

    Love her! My favourite is her Cinderella by far 🙂

  • Terez Mertes

    Well, as you might guess from our discussion at The Classical Girl, I ate THAT up! Oh, her feet, they’re so lovely. What size shoe does she wear, do you think? I’m just mesmerized by Ulyana Lopatkina’s feet in the same way, and just discovered she wears a whopping size 10 shoe. But Alina C is very petite, so maybe it’s just that her feet are normal sized. Or that she has long toes that can achieve that lovely prehensile point/arch.

    Enjoyed watching this clip – I’d never seen it before.

    • loveballet89

      I’m sure she has small feet. Our school director, Mrs. O, puts a huge emphasis on the shape of the feet, so that’s one of the first things I spot when I watch someone dance.

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