Have class without a teacher? Why yes, we can

The final “open class” of the regular school year took an interesting turn.

Today was supposed to be “wear something wacky” day in Mr. O’s open class, and the company kids pretty much wore some wacky things (me, I wore a Rocky t-shirt, because Mr. O is a huge Rocky fan).

Mr. O walks in and tells his daughter is sick and he has to take her to the emergency room. Mrs. O is at home with their son since school is out for the summer at his school. The usual subs are at end of school activities for their children.

He hands class CDs to one of the company kids and tells us “you’re going to have to teach yourselves today.”

At this point, since I am the only non-company dancer in a class of about 16, I’m thinking “would it be more awkward for me to stay or go at this moment?” I really hadn’t come up with an answer for that when we started plies, and I couldn’t figure out a way to bow out gracefully.

So I ended up staying. And it turned into a fun, entertaining class. It was teach by committee, and actually pretty cool. The kids ended up scrapping the CDs Mr. O gave us, and instead we had a ballet class to punk, alternative and hip-hop music (the one group I did recognize was Coldplay).

Some of the combination the company kids came up with were pretty tricky, but I think I did pretty good for an “old man” trying to keep up. My turns from second while the girls were doing fouettes left a lot to be desired, but other than that I think I acquitted myself quite well.

Let the record show I stayed until the end.

The one thing I hated? It will probably be the last class I’ll have under Mr. O until August. He’ll be busy with our intensive weeks when open classes are going on, and he’ll teaching at two summer intensives elsewhere and on vacation during the regular summer session.

I am looking forward to the last company class of the year on Saturday. Here’s hoping Mrs. O totally kicks our tails.


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