And so the end begins …

Hard to believe we’ve reached the last week of class of the regular year at the ballet school.

Doesn’t seem too long ago we were having Nutcracker auditions.

The last week is usually bittersweet. A few of the company kids I’ve been in class with and performed with are graduating, going off to college or moving up the professional dancing chain. The company male dancer who was brought in from Pacific Northwest Ballet will be moving on to a company in South Carolina, which is what our school is meant to be … a stepping stone.

The classes this week are usually more fun and challenging. That was the case in this morning’s class. Mr. O threw in some fun combinations we rarely do, and I think I did well. I just need to learn to finish better on double pirouttes.

He announced that since Thursday is the last open morning class of the regular year, he wants us to wear something wacky. So I guess I’ll pull out a wacky shirt.

And I’m sure the last company class on Saturday will be an emotional one, the last class for a few at the school.

For me, it’ll be time to get used to the temporary new normal … also known as the summer session. The teachers rotate, depending on who is on vacation or who is away teaching at a summer intensive. And the faces are different from week-to-week because of much of the same thing, plus we always seem to pick up students from around the area who schools or studios don’t have summer classes.

And of course, there is the week of the summer intensive that intend to take, which will probably be the biggest challenge of my ballet life (I’ll be sharing more about that when it gets here).

Oh yeah, I found out we’ll be doing Cinderella for our spring performance next season. Is it weird I want to be cast as one of the ugly stepsisters?

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