Ballet and sauna … at the same time!

Didn’t know I was in for a two-for-one deal in company class this morning.

Either someone accidently someone turned the heat on, or something was wrong with the A/C. That’s not a good thing for a ballet class in Alabama, where it was already humid outside. It was so humid my shoes were sticking.

The heat evidently played a roll with everyone’s pirouettes (although mine were better today than they had been all week). Mrs. O asked us why our pirouettes were a bit off …and she got comical answers and demonstrations from the company kids about hot it was.

“We’re melting” was the phrase I gave an amen to. But I won’t complain too much. I’m pretty sure I left some calories behind when I left the studio.

Despite the heat, it turned out to be the best class of the week, which was good since this was my first class with Mrs. O since she called me out during petite allegro last week. Even my brises (one of the scourges of my dancing existence) looked cleaner than they normally look in a combination I fared much better at than I thought I would. It probably helped that the brises didn’t come with any vole’s.

After being called out last week, I made sure I finished every combination today, and most were extremely fun. That included a combination that included an arabesque turn (also one of those scourges of my existence). Went right into the turn, know problems at all. 

And I managed to go the right direction every time during our grande allegro combination that included going from a fouette to a tour jete. The only glitch was coming out of the sisonne into the chasse’ assemble’ part of the combination … but I can live with that since I went the right direction on the fouette-tour jete.

Maybe someone should turn on the heat every day if I’m going to have a class like that.

I’ll be honest, I love the Saturday morning company class more than any other class I take. I’ll miss it during summer session.

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