Eight jetes, four pique turns in a circle (spotting required) …

One of the things I did not miss from taking Monday morning open ballet class?

Mind is Mush Mondays.

That is what happens quite often to me with that morning class right after working the night shift back-to-back days at the little ‘ole newspaper designing pages.

When it comes to that first morning class of the week, my mind is mush, as was the case today.

It doesn’t matter that the class is the easiest of the classes I take. If it’s Mind is Mush Monday, I’ll be sloppier in the open intermediate class than I will be in the advanced classes on Wednesday or Thursday, or the company class on Saturday.

It doesn’t matter if the combinations are somewhat easier, although Mr. O did throw in a few wrenches today: Hence the combination that led to the title of this post. My jetes are sloppy enough on good days. And pique turns in a circle are always an adventure, even on good days.

On Mind is Mush Monday, my ability to do a double anything (much less pirouette) seems to go out the door completely. My ability to do turns stayed in bed while I crawled my butt out to do ballet.

And complicating matters … we were required to do cabrioles from the back during the grande allegro combination. That is a skill that continues to elude me. To the front, no problem. To the back … ugh.

I tried to come up with a solution. Get more elevation to give me more time to beat it (see Saturday’s post, worked for assembles’)? Nope.

Shorten the range of motion (and therefore cut down on elevation and shorten the step)? Nada.

I will get them one day.

Just not on Mind is Mush Monday.

On the positive side? It’s Mr. O’s class. We got to move.

We did more “Fosse-like” steps. Didn’t quite achieve that tendue moment during the step, but I think I was getting closer the more times we did that combination (as was the case with a few of the combinations today).

As much as I wish my mind wouldn’t betray as much on Mind is Mush Monday, I’ve come to realize this simple truth:

Mind is Mush Monday is better than No Ballet on Monday.


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