It is for grande allegro that I dance

Seriously, I could be having a completely bad class, but nail the grande allegro combination at the end of it, all is forgotten.

Fortunately, today I wasn’t having a bad class. Far from it, it was one of my better ones. 

But grande allegro, it was like, wow! Ton be pas de bouree glissade assemble’, ton be pas de bouree assemble’ in the other direction, run half circle, ton be pas de bouree saute chat off,

That was the combination. Fairly simple? Yes, but absolutely more height on the assembles’ than I can ever remember. I was able to beat them in the air, cleanly, with plenty of room to spare.

And I felt like flying.

For male dancers, getting elevation on our jumps is our small answer to ladies dancing en pointe (along with lifting them in a pas de deux).

Being able to fly through the air during a grande allegro combination, there’s no feeling like it in the world.

It was a fun class all around. Mr. O is back after being out of town for a couple of weeks and subbed for Mrs. O (the downside is that I didn’t get to redeem myself in front of her, maybe next week).

When Mr. O teaches company class, it means one thing: You get to move!

People who think ballet isn’t cardio have never taken his classes.

And today, I finally mastered one his his “Bob Fosse” steps. Don’t ask me what the step is class, it’s like a slide-step, really jazzy, but it’s ballet. It only took me about Four FRICKIN’ years to finally get it.

We also had another fun combination which to me shows me how far I’ve come. Sissonne, sissonne, sissone, fi-e assemble’, pique, chasse, tour jete, eleve, royale, quatre, repeat in the other direction. I know I butchered some of the words. Fortunately, I didn’t butcher the combination. I started sloppy, but was able to clean it up at the end.

Classes like the one this morning make up for having to work the rest of a Saturday.

Especially the grande allegro part.

I got to fly today.


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