Finally a class where everything clicks

I have to admit the class I’ve missed the most this year because of college work is the Wednesday morning open class.

It has been the class that has been the most intense that I’ve taken. It is also the one where you get to MOVE!

Now that the semester is over, I finally got to take a Wednesday morning open advanced class, and it did not disappoint. Mrs. O (my Saturday morning teacher) subbed for Mr. O this morning. And for her, the class was a little easier by her standards (a little surprising considering the number of homeschooled company kids who were present).

Barre wasn’t particularly long today, so we did a little more center work. My turns are beginning to come back (double pirouettes made their presence with a little more consistency).

One of the neat things that happened today? My en de danz (misspelled?) turns were cleaner, maybe even more so than my en de hors pirouettes from fourth. What’s up with that? I managed to stay up longer, which made doubles a little more manageable.

I was also going the right direction during our petite allegro combination (while some of the company kids were not), and I included beats with my assemble’s during grande allegro and kept up with the music during the combination and got up a little higher on my saute chats.

Today is the start of my work week. To have a class like that start my day really, really helps. (Saturday’s class did the same thing before my long night at work).

I’m still trying to clean things up with my feet, improve my turnout and make an effort to achieve a really good line. Yeah, those are some of my goals for summer classes.


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