Nothing but ballet on the agenda

That was the world that greeted me this morning.

No graphic design project. No marketing lecture to attend. After spending my weekend stranded in cubicle designing newspaper pages, it’s nice just to have a day to relax.

And go to an open morning ballet class without the weight of the world crashing down on your shoulders … which is how life has been balancing family, school, work and ballet since the latter part of August.

And today’s class really fit the mood on a rainy day. It was relaxing, nothing pushy (I dialed back the turns). I concentrated more today on doing things more fundamentally clean. As an “adult recreational” dancer who has taken more company classes than open classes this year because of my pursuit of a second degree, I think I’ve been taking too many shortcuts just to keep up.

I can do 99 percent of the steps the company kids can do … but I do them sloppy, and without as much thought to line as I should (not to mention whether my feet are shaped properly, knees are straight … ect.)

A few things I did notice today? My sissonnes (misspelled, I know) are coming along. And I’m doing much better during petite allegro. I’m trying, trying to do much cleaner jetes. They have been the scourge of my existence (along with quite a few other things).

As the school year winds down at the studio, I’m also trying to figure out what areas to concentrate on, and finally get to work on a choreography project of my own if I can ever find an open studio at the school … and try to get a clearer picture of what I want to focus on during the summer.

It’s much easier, I think, when you’re focused on your roles in Nutcracker or the spring performance (as was the case this year!).

There are a few more things I hope to accomplish before my body begins to tell me I can’t.

Like working on one more pas de deux, which of course would require finding a willing partner in crime.


2 responses to “Nothing but ballet on the agenda

  • disneyballerina

    I so WISH I could be your pas de deux partner!! I’ve always wanted to try it!! šŸ™‚

    • loveballet89

      We had two eight-week courses in back-to-back years, and it was so much fun. Gets you completely out of your comfort zone, and an amazing challenge. Really teaches you about trust, and it’s so beautiful, too. I’ve only done one, simple one, since I’ve been dancing.

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