Ballet is a refuge for me

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. Final exams and final projects at the end of the semester have just about gotten the best of me, the assignment on an 88-page graduation section to lay out at work at the same time, plus a few parental-stress issues did not make it a pleasant week.

I’ve been mentally exhausted for the most of it, so much that I slept in and missed my Thursday morning open class with Mr. O.

I came very close to doing the same for Mrs. O’s company class yesterday. Pretty much had to force myself out of bed to make it, but glad I did.

Mrs. O has two types of classes: Very intense or a teaching day.

Yesterday was a teaching day (well, all of her classes are, but even more so on a “teaching day”). She makes us focus a lot on body alignment, and will go into detail to explain the method to her madness.

She combinations she gave us helped us focus on what are strengths are, yet exposes our weaknesses (and believe me, it seems I have a lot more weaknesses than strengths).

It wasn’t a push you to the limit class (I love those, by the way), but she taught us so much that I was able to leave the stresses of life at the door (where they were still waiting when I return).

The combinations were still challenging even though it wasn’t an intense class. Even the company girls struggled … “Is the music too fast? it seems it’s going faster than you’re able to think.”

That question usually applies to me. It was directed toward the around 20 company girls I was dancing with (suddenly, the other guys have been slacking and I was yet again the only guy in class). To a strange degree, it actually made me feel better to see some of them struggle through a combination, so I wasn’t the only one.

Challenging as they are, her combinations are always fun. For me, sometimes comedic, but fun. Try to wrap yourselves around this one: balance’ turn, balance front, tombe (misspelled) back (at least I think that’s what that was called) pirouette in fourth, pique, inside turn, sutunu (yeah misspelled again) twice, chaine and pull the leg up.

And do it with mothers my age watching through the door window. Trust me, I was able to do the combination … albeit not fundamentally sound. Quite certain I probably gave them a laugh. My transition, at times, from each step in the combination left a lot to be desired.

I know I struggled, although I think I fared better than I thought I would.

Regardless, it was fun.

It was the class I needed.

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