Need something cardio to go with the ballet

I decided tonight I need to do some consistent cardio to go along with ballet. I dance three days a week (it will bump up to five for most of the month of May with the end of the college semester on May 1). I feel like I’m in reasonably good shape (you have to be to take a pre-pro company class), but I’ve had trouble shedding the pounds I want to shed.

Step one was giving up the sodas (for the most part) and eating smarter and in smaller portions. I need the cardio, I think, to push me over the top. A few friends who blog here are runners and I’m giving thought to running in a 5K, but I’ve struggled with shin splints when I’ve mixed run and dance, and I don’t want to be sidelined from dance (I’m miserable when I’m not able to dance).

As for the dancing, I had one of my better classes since performance week tonight. My turns still aren’t back, but most of the combinations tonight didn’t involve as much turning, except for pique turns and balance’ turns, and mine were surprisingly clean and I was able to stay on the music.

We also learned more of the choreography the company girls will be dancing to during school sketches (I really wish I was going to be part of it, it’s looking like a cool piece).

8 responses to “Need something cardio to go with the ballet

  • Kim

    Try swimming or biking! I definitely get not wanting to be sidelined for dance.

  • RO

    Biking, walking and swimming are very good options! They work for me as I suffer from shinsplits too. (Walking is OK, but moderate) For the rest, try to up your protein intake and lower your fatty foods and eat lean meat. And last but not least…. Water water water!

  • Back to First Position

    I suggest biking and swimming too. if you have access to those. Swimming is such an amazing exercise for the whole body. Have you talked with any fellow dancers at your studio what they do for extra cardio? I am looking forward to learning what will work for you. I want to get some cardio in my routine too to help lose some weight before I get back into ballet classes in August. I’ve enjoyed your blog very much!

  • Kristen Gillette

    If you want to run, I’ve had a lot of people recommend getting properly fitted for sneakers as a way to help prevent shin splints. Also–if you have access to a gym through your school, ellipticals are great and you can add weight training in as well then.

    • loveballet89

      I am going to try running once the semester is over in a couple of weeks. I’ve got pretty good padded running shoes and running in a 5K is appealing, but I’m planning on taking one week of our summer intensive with the company kids at the end of the summer and still have the shin splints fear. Don’t want to miss it, it may be my biggest ballet challenge I’ve ever had.

      Wished the university fitness center was an option this summer, but I’m taking a break between spring and fall classes and have to pay regular price during the summer.

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