A summer intensive challenge

It really began as a passing comment to one of our guest artists during performance week.

Dede Barfield, who is the ballet mistress for Ballet San Antonio, is my age and danced the Dying Swan. She’s a former principle dancer with Pennsylvania Ballet who was a partner of our artistic director, Mr. O., and a good friend of Mrs. O. I took a master class under her a couple of years ago and to this day, it remains the toughest class I’ve ever had (but what fun!).

She kept giving me tips and in encouragement during performance week, which meant a lot. She’s really inspiring.

I told her I really enjoyed the class I took from her … and mentioned I was tempted to ask Mr. O. if I could take the intensive the week she teaches (which would be late July, early August). She mentioned she didn’t think Mr. O would have a problem with that (and in passing he told me I could take it that week).

I’ll be honest, I’ve had a goal to go to one of the adult summer intensives like the one put on by Sun King in Virginia and New York. Because of my job, and duties as a parent, that goal seems out of reach.

I’ve never fathomed actually taking our intensive with company level dancers. Our school brings in high caliber teachers and does a good job accommodating adult students with open classes three days a week during the intensive weeks (not to mention having a few options during the five week summer regular session).

But I’ve been always quite envious of being able to dance all day for a week, to be pushed to see how far I could go.

So, if things go as planned, this would be my schedule for the week I take the intensive.


Advanced ballet: 9:30-11 a.m.

Variations class (pointe for the ladies) 11-12.

12:45-1:45, master class.

1:45-3:25, choreography

Ending with an hour of Pilates.

On Friday

Advanced class: 9:30-11,

11-12, rehearsal

12 p.m., in-studio performance.

That would be my next big ballet challenge.

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