“Just ballet class” tonight

It was really weird going to class tonight without having to check the rehearsal board.

Most of us were pretty much in recovery-mode, and our teacher tonight, Susan K., put a high premium on stretching. And we really didn’t push it tonight. And as is usually case the first couple of days after performance week, attendance was down. I was actually the only guy tonight, which was really weird.

We worked a little on trying to do solid pirouettes in addition to just trying to get our legs back under us.

Susan also unveiled the opening part of the dance some of the company members of the class are doing for the school show (which is our version of the end of the year recital, where the kids show what they’ve learned, which is different from the company’s spring performance that we did this past weekend).

It was fun being a part of it (on the lighter side, I danced a girl’s part as a substitute). It will be interesting to see how the dance unfolds. Love seeing choreography put together.

2 responses to ““Just ballet class” tonight

  • RO

    It’s doesn’t sound bad just having ballet class! We are now rehearsing for our end of season performance and I sometimes wish we could have more time to focus on the basics. Good luck with that choreography 🙂

  • loveballet89

    I’m really looking forward to my other two classes this week that are just classes, no performance to worry about, to just dance and work on technique.

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