All day at the theater

It’s kind of hard to explain to people how much it is to perform in front of hundreds of people.

It scares the heck out of me, but really exciting at the same time, especially when you know you did your best, which is what happened last night. What a rush!

I’m hoping today will be the same. About to leave out the door. We have have an hour and 15 minute class on stage at noon. For an adult dancer like me, it’s sort of like pretending your dancing with New York City Ballet, Ballet West or Royal Ballet. Warm ups are really cool, far more relaxed.

First curtain is at 2, second at 7:30. My heart will pound as usual when the music begins to play, but I’m OK once I’m out on stage and for some reason it was really easy last night to get into character. There were no slip-ups, except my foot slipped as I was trying to go down during my main “death scene,” which may have made it look more realistic.

I really love this part. It will be really hard to let it go once the curtain falls. Nutcracker is just too many months away.


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