It’s opening night!

Can’t believe it’s gone by this quick. Three shows, one tonight at 7:30, and two tomorrow at 2 and 7:30, and then we’re done!

Dress rehearsal was a lot of fun last night. It was by far my best rehearsal.

I think my confidence picked up during company warmups. I mentioned the marley is different than it is back at the main studio at the school. Maybe it’s because the marley is a little slicker, but my turns in warmups were amazing. If only doing double pirouettes were so easy at the school. Even my inside turns were better.

I think warmups also made me a little more limber. And in the first dance (my main one), that’s really important (we do more back bending). And probably my main death scene, too. I found it a little easier to fall down to my knees.

On a side note, unlike a few years ago, we didn’t go down to the pit during our short tornado warning. We calmly did our stretches before warmups. The sirens went off just before we started … and warmups were really cool hearing the rain hit the roof and hearing the thunder and lightning.

And fortunately, there is no threat of severe weather now that we’ve reached our performance days. Sunny skies and temperatures in the 70s-80s, nothing that will cancel the shows or keep the crowd away.

And if there is someone from north Alabama reading this blog today, come see Huntsville Ballet perform tonight at the VBC, show’s at 7:30. Or tomorrow at 2 and 7:30.

And even though I love classical ballet, the pieces we’re performing tonight (other than the beautiful Dying Swan), our three main pieces aren’t what many people think when they think of ballet, so if you have any non-ballet friends, bring them. I think they’ll enjoy it a lot more than they think.

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