Hard to simulate the stage

Never fails, the first night at the theater turns out to be the roughest one.

Collisions, slips on the floor were plenty last night.

One of the collisions belonged to me in our opening dance (the journey west dance in Billy the Kid).

Our largest studio back at the school is big enough to rehearse. But it does not account for the lighting we’ll have. It’s not as wide-open a space as the theater. And the stage’s marley is a little bit slicker than the one back at the studio.

Hence the wobbles, the slips and the collisions last night.

Most of us in the opening dance of Billy the Kid had no idea the challenge that awaited us when we took the stage last night. At the studio, the dance was rehearsed in full light and even lines from the beginning.

We discovered last night the dance would be done in the dark with the exception of blinding lights blaring right in front of us to create a silhouette for the audience. Our neat lines were also bunched in a wing with another set of lights in the middle. We came out bunched up.

And, because I wasn’t used to the marley being as slick, I lost balance during a turn in pique and collided with the girl next to me in line. Oy! You’d think I’d remembered how slick the Mmarley was during Nutcracker. My timing was also off a little (too fast, probably because I was nervous).

I will try to slow it down tonight. Other than that, I thought rehearsal went OK, other than our trying to find out just which wing we’re supposed to come out of and which panel we’re supposed to be on.

I’m hoping all of the bugs will be out tonight. Dress rehearsal is tomorrow.


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