Ballet and Blue Jeans

Our wardrobe lady wanted me to wear the plaid shirt and jeans to Billy the Kid rehearsal tonight. It was interesting combination with ballet shoes and tights underneath. Have to tell you, talk about restrictive movement. I’d take my tights or warmups any day, but for the performance, that’s not allowed. It is doable. I just hope the theater will have the A/C on because it was hot in the studio tonight.

I was glad to get back to ballet. Nine days off made today a little bit tougher. I was a bit sluggish during class (but I did make it through class, can’t say that for a few younger dancers). The combinations were a bit messy, but I was able to do everything, although my turns felt a bit weighty.

Rehearsal went OK. Did fine on the hardest dance I’m in (the opening). But I butchered this “horse” step I have during the town scene. Got to do much better when we hit the theater next week.

I’m beat, and will be sore in the morning (a sleep in day with just one afternoon college class). It was a long layoff from dance, but I’m glad to be back at it. Starting Thursday, there will be nine-straight days of classes, rehearsals and performances. Can’t wait!


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