Ballet famine next week, then a feast the next two weeks

I’m looking forward to the mental break from pursuing my second degree when spring break rolls around. I even get a little break from work, a three-day weekend to help me get a little chill time.

The one break I wished I didn’t get? The break I’ll get from ballet. When Saturday’s class is over, they’ll be no class again until Monday, April 1. Wished there was a way to get my dance fix, but will settle for fitness classes at the university fitness center (I’m amazed its going to be open).

But maybe my body will need the break. Why? They posted the schedule through production week. From Thursday, April 4th through our final performance on Saturday, April 13th, I will have either ballet class, rehearsal or a performance for 10 straight days, and on some days leading up to our three performances, I’ll have both class and rehearsal.

From Tuesday through Saturday of performance week, we’ll be rehearsing, then performing  at the Von Braun Center Concert Hall, which seats 3,000. Performance week is also vacation from work week for me. So I’ll be a college student and parent by day, and company dancer at night for 10 straight days.

For an old “recreational” dancer like me performance week is the closest I’ll come to performing as a professional dancer for a company like New York City Ballet, Ballet West or Pacific Northwest Ballet, even more so that Nutcracker week. Other than the children who’ll participate in the education outreach portion of our three shows, it’s just junior company, senior company, three adult dancers (myself included) and a guest artist who’ll be dancing. It’s the closest thing to heaven I can think of.

I’ll be one of four dancers above the age of 20 performing.

So maybe it’s good that my body gets a week of rest before the fun begins. But still, I’d rather be dancing.


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