You know you’re a dancer when …

1. You penche’ when you turn on the shower or pick something off the floor.

2. You unintentionally do the frog stretch on the bed when you’re studying for a college exam.

3. You don’t think of a drink or coffee when you hear the words “frappe” and “fondue.”

4. You have the urge to practice pirouettes on any slick floor you find,

5. You think of what ballet combinations would go well with the song you’re listening to, no matter the genre.

6. You not only recognize Nutcracker songs in Christmas commercials, you know which dances they go to.

7. You don’t bend your legs when you lift furniture, you plie.

8. You unintentionally stand in fifth when you’re in the super market line.

9. You hardly recognize your female dance peers when they’re in street clothes, they’re wearing makeup and their hair is not in a bun.

10. You wear more makeup than your daughter during Nutcracker week, and you’re a guy.


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