Turns were a little shoddy today…

Just when I was getting more and more consistent with my turns, today happened. My pirouettes were a mess. And my brain shut down during a brain-teasing but not too complicated petite allegro combination (assemblee’, glissade, assemblee’, assemble’, glissade (repeat in the other direction). And I sissonned on the wrong foot, sending me in the opposite direction during grande allegro.

I chalk my messy turns to what we did the night before. We had a 30-minute barre, then Mr. & Mrs. O brought in a guy to teach us hip-hop for an hour to break up the tension before spring break hits (it was very cardio), and then we had Billy the Kid rehearsal for an hour. I was exhausted when it was over, and I think that carried over to class this morning. I didn’t have as much energy, although I don’t think I did too badly for an “old man.”

On the positive side? I believe my balance’s are improving. So are my sutunu (misspelled?) turns. And the rest of the parts of the grande allegro combination I sissonned in the wrong direction actually went well (the saute fi-e assemble’ and tour jete parts). And my musicality seems to be improving. So really, it wasn’t too bad of a class.

And the posting of rehearsal dates hinted our spring performance is not for off (well actually, we perform three times on April 12-13). Production week is only three weeks away. And the best way to describe production week at the theater is to tell you to think Breaking Pointe episodes of Ballet West’s performance week when they did Petite Morte, Jewels and Paquita. Ours is sort of like that on a little smaller scale and minus the personal drama. Fun, fun.


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