Ordering dancewear online blues

Ordering dancewear online seemed to be the answer to my prayers.

There is only one store that carries men’s dance clothes around here, and it’s conveniently located a block away from the ballet school where I take classes.

They are reliable and helpful. So why would I ever want to try to shop online?

Well, when you are one of maybe five adult males (and maybe one of two among the age of 30) within a 200-mile radius who dances, you feel like you’re sacrificing the “man card” every time you walk into the place … which for me fortunately is maybe once every six months.

I wait until my tights start getting holes where you don’t want to get holes. And my shoes, god bless ’em, have held up for three years, but now they’re starting to get holes in the toes.

The dance store is “very frilly, frou frou (or however you spell it)” and I hope no one is in there when I go to buy things. And because of my schedule, I usually go in there right after class (while I’m still sweaty).

I thought shopping online would keep me from having to swallow my pride and walking into those wonderful doors again.

Think again.

Online attempt No. 1: I ordered what I thought were the same type of Capezio tights I’d warn for the past couple of years. Surprise! After forking out $40, I found out they STOPPED making the brand I wore, and substituted them with a pair that is a little less opaque (as in yeah, they’re see-through). I swear, I think people who design men’s ballet tights are on crack.

The reliable store found me a pair of Sanshas that are not see-through. It’s a good brand except they’re prone to get holes in the toes or the sides when you do a great deal of dancing. Hence, I’m looking for a new pair after about four months after purchasing the couple of pairs about at the store.

One more attempt to purchase online. Four weeks later, they have not arrived. Debit card was charged. But they claim they never received the order. So I get to jump through hoops to reclaim my money.

And once again, I’m preparing to swallow my pride and hand in my “man card” at the door of the reliable store.


In class news, I saw another sign of progress on Saturday. My sissonnes, which used to be the scourge of my existence, are getting pretty solid. My turns are getting some better. And for some reason, the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting more corrections from Mrs. O (this is a company class and usually the company kids rightfully get most of the attention), so maybe I’m not a hopeless cause!

My schedule is about to get busy over the next few days. Dance and rehearse for three hours tomorrow night (after I turn in a project in the graphic design class I’m in and a major test in marketing class). Regular 90-minute class Thursday morning, then another three hours of dance and rehearsal Friday night, followed by the Saturday morning class I love so much (even though my body feels like sleeping in sometimes).

Four days of complete dance bliss!


One response to “Ordering dancewear online blues

  • Patrick

    As a guy in his late 20s, I feel your pain. I suggest you check out boysdancetoo.com

    They sell tights and all manner of men’s dance wear. American company (I live in Canada), but their shipping is great and their customer service is fantastic. Email them your stats and they’ll recommend sizes.

    I hope that helps !

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