Watching choreography unfold is loads of fun

I had a new experience last night. In just about every ballet I’ve been in, the choreography has been set before it even becomes my time to rehearse.

That wasn’t the case last night. Our artistic director was still going over ideas, putting his spin on Billy the Kid. It was pretty cool watching and participating as the choreography was pieced together. It was really amazing that he was seeking input from the dancers and some of what we suggested was actually tried.

And the choreography is really cool. There is one called the Dance of the Macabre that I wished I was in. Unfortunately, my character gets killed off right before the dance.

I’ll probably go into more detail as rehearsals unfold.

And in class, my turns are getting better. My double pirouettes are coming with more consistency, even to the point that our artistic director took notice. And yesterday may have been the best turn day I’ve ever had.

I want to be able to move on to triples before the semester is out.

2 responses to “Watching choreography unfold is loads of fun

  • Dance Pundit.

    Congrats on your improvements. It takes real skill to various ideas for choreographer as you go. When I choreographed, I would always try and get feedback or some new ideas from my dancers but usually I would just make them do what I wanted.

    • loveballet89

      That’s what I found really interesting from our artistic director. He lets the dancers help, and if he thinks it’ll work, he uses it.

      He encourages us all to experiment with choreography. I got my first taste of it in Nutcracker when he allowed me to tweak my part a little bit in the Chinese dance.

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