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Dancing for Man in the Street

Dancing for Man in the Street

I’ve taken classes from Christopher Fleming and he’s a good friend of our artistic director and ballet mistress. Love his works. They’re modern, but still ballet. Hope to see Ballet Fleming perform one day.

Biggest dancing part I’ve ever had

I have to say I really didn’t know what I was in for Sunday during Billy the Kid rehearsal. I’ve already mentioned the rehearsal I attended where my part really wasn’t a big part and how fascinating it was about the coming together of the choreography.

Other than Nutcracker, where I’ve been part of the Chinese dance and finale, just about all of my parts have been character roles with little dancing required.

I really didn’t know what to expect, other than learning in the first rehearsal that my character (as it turns out I’m actually playing two characters) gets killed by Billy the Kid.

Found out Sunday, my role is a lot more extensive than maybe I was expecting. I dance (ballet!) in the opening going west scene. I’ll be honest, I was really stoked. I dance in a short dance (the opening of the town scene) entirely in releve’ (mimicking riding a horse). Then, of course, there is a short square dance I’m in (Billy the Kid is seems part ballet, part barn dance at times, but really cool).

And I’m in an intense fight scene in which I accidently kill Billy the Kid’s mother and is killed (by knifing) by the Kid himself (also intense) to end the scene. I play another person (a jailer, I think) who is also killed by Billy the Kid, but that part I haven’t rehearsed yet.

I’ve enjoyed playing Friar Lawrence in Romeo and Juliet, and a priest who avoids being killed in Dracula in a very intense scene. But dancing-wise, both did not come close to this part (or parts). 

Can’t wait for my next rehearsal on Saturday (three hours, which will follow a 90-minute regular class). It’s going to be fun!

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Two midterms are coming up. We’re trying out a hair-pulling system of doing things at work. And rehearsals are picking up.

I posted this on tumblr a few months ago. I would be really tempted to try pointe if I had a pair of these.


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My choreography project

I’ve decided to choreograph a ballet solo for me for our in-studio showcase in May. It’s the first time I’ve ever really tried to completely choreograph a piece. I’ve selected Hallelujah. I’ve included a clip from Youtube that I really think rocks.

Why Hallelujah? It’s a beautiful song. It’s also slow enough for me to incorporate simple steps I know I can do. I’m toying with starting off with an adagio type combination and go right into it. Or slowly walking.

I’m going to start using studio time between my open ballet class on Thursdays and my business and professional communication class in college. The open class ends at 11 and my communication class doesn’t start until 12:45. And the town I do both in is too far for me to go home during the break.

So why not use the break to create?

Watching choreography unfold is loads of fun

I had a new experience last night. In just about every ballet I’ve been in, the choreography has been set before it even becomes my time to rehearse.

That wasn’t the case last night. Our artistic director was still going over ideas, putting his spin on Billy the Kid. It was pretty cool watching and participating as the choreography was pieced together. It was really amazing that he was seeking input from the dancers and some of what we suggested was actually tried.

And the choreography is really cool. There is one called the Dance of the Macabre that I wished I was in. Unfortunately, my character gets killed off right before the dance.

I’ll probably go into more detail as rehearsals unfold.

And in class, my turns are getting better. My double pirouettes are coming with more consistency, even to the point that our artistic director took notice. And yesterday may have been the best turn day I’ve ever had.

I want to be able to move on to triples before the semester is out.

The Mariinsky Theatre class before performance

They are amazing, especially during grande allegro