My dance goals defined

I’ve kind of, sort of mentioned in a previous post what my dance goals were for 2013. Truth is I do seek a breakthrough. The main goal, of course, is consistency with my pirouettes. I want to be able to do doubles when I’m called to do so. I want that triple. I will learn to really spot.

I want to be able to consistently beat my jetes, assemblees, Cabrioles (I can do front at times, back, not so much). I want better footwork on my jetes and tours en’lair. I want better leg work on my sissonnes, glissades. It another words, real breakthroughs with technique.

I also want to improve both movement and music quality. For that reason, I do hip-hop on Saturday mornings and (cue the laughter) and taking latin dance as an elective at school on Fridays. I’m also taking that class to help me become more comfortable working with a partner (and helping with overall footwork).

Our school has had an in-studio student choreography showcase at the end of the school year the last two years. I did my first (and only) pas de deux during the first one. I want to do another if I can talk my previous partner (a teacher, but also a fellow adult dancer) into doing one with me.

But I also want to do a solo (yes, scary) either to a ballet variation or to hip-hop. I’m going to ask my hip-hop teacher if he’ll help me (he’s also our top male with the ballet company) on that little project. I have an incredible lack of confidence as a dancer, and doing a solo would go a long way to improve in that area.

I also want to improve in the end of the year school show hip-hop dance. I felt I failed miserably in the attempt last year.

Those are my goals. I’ve also set yet another goal to lose weight. I’m a few pounds heavier than I need to be, and I feel that’s also hindering me from reaching some of my dance goals.


2 responses to “My dance goals defined

  • Dance Pundit.

    Good luck! I did my first two solos last year and it was incredibly scary but also really liberating once I was actually on stage. They were mostly improv so my next step is to actually choreograph my dance. I have choreographed group pieces but never for myself. That is one of my dance goals this year. I also want to take other dance classes as well and regain my flexibility.

  • loveballet89

    Thanks. The thought of doing a solo is scary. But I thought of it during an open class I intend where I’m the only non-company dancer. I get pushed in that class by our artistic director, who will make me go solo sometimes if he senses my confidence is low during a combination and that I’m relying too much on my neighbors. I’ve always done some “choreography” in my head to songs, I wouldn’t mind trying it for real.

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