Sometimes the beginner class is harder than the advanced one

Finally returned to class after a three-week layoff last night.

It wasn’t one of my normal classes. I had to work on Monday, so I missed the company class I take. My next regular class was this morning.

But I couldn’t wait. Since I had a rare Wednesday night off, I decided to take the open beginner class. To be honest, it was probably a good idea, a way of easing back in.

I found out quickly I wasn’t physically or mentally in ballet shape even though it was not as cardio as the company classes or the intermediate/advanced open class I take.

Even though it was labled “beginner,” it wasn’t really a beginner class. It’s a small class with only a couple of regular actual beginners. But they weren’t there.

There was one of my fellow Nutcracker party parents, a woman who once danced with Atlanta Ballet; a teenager on point who is roughly at the same level as I am, and me. And the teacher was my original teach, whom I had as my primary teacher for the first three years after I returned to ballet. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had her.

She’s a stickler for fundamentals. And when there are only three of you (two for the last 30 minutes), you get tons of corrections. I got praised for how much I’ve improved, but also got picked apart.

One thing about a beginner class, because it’s slower, the steps are bigger and because everything is broken down, your flaws are exposed (especially when there are only two or three of you in class).

My pique turns were a total mess. And my mind was working properly (I was jeteing under when I should have been jeteing over, causing me to go in the wrong direction at times).

It was a challenge. I was sore and exhausted when I was done.

Fast-forward to this morning. My steps were crisper, My brain actually worked during combinations. My turns were much better. Go figure!

And to be honest, I felt I had a much better intermediate/advanced class today because of the beginner class last night. 

Still not in great physical ballet shape, but mentally, I felt more prepared.

And on a side note, our artistic director asked me if I could get off work for rehearsal if he cast me in our company’s production of Billy the Kid. I’ve got my fingers crossed. That would totally rock!


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