My last dance-free Saturday

I slept in until after 10. It used to be, that was routine.

I won’t be getting used to it.

Today is a rare Saturday off, not only from work, but dance.

Usually, I’ll pry myself out of bed at about 7:45, grab a quick breakfast. And then slowly walk into hip-hop at 9. I’ll wake up during the torture portion of the class (the guy who teaches the class insists on a cardio and ab work portion before we actually start dancing). Don’t get me wrong, I need the torture portion more than the rest of the class. I’m the only one in the class above the age of 18, and most of my classmates are young ballerinas.

Can’t wait for the shock of doing caps, slide steps, spins off the floor (trust me, I really do not do a good job of explaining hip-hop moves, which definitely aren’t in French). We have to do sharp moves that are almost robotic.

It’s a challenge for old, a little overweight dudes like me. And next Saturday, we’re supposed to start work on our dance for the school show. And considering how I did during last year’s school show, I’m going to need all the work I can get on it.

I’ll be honest, I usually almost stagger out of hip-hop. But there is no rest for the weary. At 10 comes company class with Mrs. O. I usually catch my breath during barre.

Saturday company class is probably my favorite class of the week, even after staggering out of hip-hop. It is a teaching class (trust me, we work a lot on body alignment). It is a “work your butt off” class.

But Mrs. O probably gives the most varied dance combinations of all of my teachers. They usually look really complicated, but 99 percent of it I can do (albeit my technique usually lacks). I am the remedial one in the class (well, I’m the only non-company dancer in there), but I can keep up, so for the most part, I am good. And Mrs. O., if you ever stumble upon my blog, thank you for letting me be in there.

Of course, Mrs. O’s classes usually have the most kick-ass (pardon the profanity) grande allegros of any in the school. Nothing like flying around in a combination with a tour jete in it. Tour jetes, by the way, is my absolute favorite ballet move of all time.

The combination of both classes make my Saturdays extremely complete. Yeah, I’ll stagger into hip-hop at 9 after debating about sleeping in. But by the time I stagger out of ballet, I am thankful I crawled out of bed and danced my rear-end off (and wish there were more classes to take instead having to head into work).


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