Hi, I’m Scott and I’m addicted to ballet

No, I don’t need a sponsor like those at an AA meeting.

I just need 90 minutes in a studio. I need about half of that time for barre work. I need the plies, the degages, the frappes, the fondues, the developpes and grande battements. I need the stretching.

I need the rest of that time for centre work: adagio, petite allegro and grande allegro. I need to work on cleaning up and multiplying my pirouettes. I need to work on spotting for all turns, including pique turns, chaines, arabesque and attitude turns. My jetes, glissades and sissones need cleaning up.

I need to leap across the room doing tour jetes.

My body needs to dance because I am so out of shape. My mind needs it to release the stress. My soul needs it for so many reasons, emotional and spiritual

It is not exercise for me, even though I so need to get into shape. Ballet, to me, is my art. It is, as I am an addict, a lifestyle.

Unlike other addictions, it is not something I want to put away. Unlike smoking, drinking and overeating, it actually builds up both the body and soul when done within reasonable moderation.

On Jan. 7th, when I return to class, I expect to be humbled and sore from such a long layoff. I expect to be out of breath long before we’re done, paying the price for not being able to dance for so long.

And I will love every minute of it.

2 responses to “Hi, I’m Scott and I’m addicted to ballet

  • growingupasitgoes

    Hi Scott- I am an addict too- addicted to ballet, that is:D(check out my blog- adultballetharbor.wordpress.com). Except, all my moves need work, I am still out of breath and aching after almost every class. But I still love them:). Everything about ballet should tell me that starting it at age 24 when I have never done it as a child is a mistake- but I still can’t give it up. So I’ll get to great. One day. It’s worth it:) When did you first start ballet?

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