The dreaded holiday break from ballet

A few minutes past 11:30 this morning, the holiday break away from ballet (and dance in general) began. I was hoping there would be classes during the break. There are, but they are afternoon classes on days I have to work after New Year’s.

Some how, I’ve got to figure out a way to stay in dance shape. Today’s class was the fifth ballet class this week (the most I’ve had in a while, thank you college break!). A little sluggish, but I still enjoyed it. It was the same way in hip-hop. I know I can to better,

I’ll return to ballet on Jan. 7, and even if I find ways to work out, I’m sure I’ll pay the price, especially considering its company class.

I do want to return to class with a renewed sense of purpose. It’s sometimes harder for me to be focused the last part of the year. The first half, well there is gearing up for Nutcracker.

The second half? A little tougher. I want to be in the spring production, but that’s iffy. We’ve got our school sketch dance in hip-hop, which will start working on when we get back. There is usually a student showcase, and that is what my main target is.

I’m kicking around three ideas. The No. 1 would be another pas de deaux with a fellow adult student who is also a teacher. Did a pas with her two years ago, my first! It was fun, but I felt I could do a lot better.

The second and third ideas go hand-in-hand. I’d like to do a solo, a male variation, if the pas does not work out. I’m leaning, and really want it to be ballet. But I am tossing around the idea of a hip-hop combination.

Those are my targets. But there are a few other goals. I want breakthroughs with my pirouettes. I want to continue to improve with petite allegro. My glissades, jetes, sissonnes, inside turns, arabesque, attitude turns, all need to be better. I want crisper technique.

I also need to work on my confidence (hence the solo goals for the student choreography showcase). I depend a little too much on my neighbors.

I’ve also vowed to be a little less fat, old, slow, white guy in hip-hop, which is hard to do when you’re in a class with teenage company girls and one other much younger, talented guy.

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